About us

We attribute our success to the effective construction of strategic partnerships with our clients. Dedicated for more than 37 years to the industrial electrical installation in High Power, Medium and Low Voltage; as well as the realization of Programs of Diagnosis, Conservation, Proactive and Corrective Maintenance of the electrical distribution system.

We support our clients with advice, management and procedures before the different agencies such as CFE, CENACE, CRE, etc. We have dedicated ourselves to understand the executive compilation of the Laws and Regulations of the Energy Reform, as well as those other decrees, agreements and complementary dispositions issued by the Energy Secretariat and the Energy Regulatory Commission.

We are strategically located in the center of the country from where we serve the needs of our customers throughout the Mexican Republic.

clientes en toda la república Mexicana..

Our History

During this trajectory we have become a solid company in the industrial electrical sector providing new processes and quality standards that represent an integral support for the industry throughout the Mexican Republic.

In 2009, we merged strategically with the company MULTITEC (Multiservicios Técnicos) and its 20 years of experience; managing to consolidate as a company of great industrial capacity in the center of the country.

Our Dream

To reach our full potential by providing the highest possible value and reaping our desires accordingly.


Happy Costumers
Our Values

This Value inspires us, literally, to illuminate our life and the lives of the people with whom we have contact, through our daily actions.

Following this value will mean treating, valuing and enjoying our interactions with others in a simple and profound way.

It makes creative reference between our work, energy and light.

We constantly solve challenges and problems that arise at work; from the design processes, the execution in works to the maintenance services. The work at IIPSA involves challenges that we have to tackle with great determination and a lot of creativity.

Our Ingenuity value asks us to be – not only innovators – but great in our solutions and services.

Perhaps what we transmit the most is the great love we have for what we do and the great good that we bring to the lives of so many people.

Within our company there is a big soul, with light and great kindness; a soul of true service.

We inspire great confidence in our clients, in our people and in every person that is related to IIPSA.

We do – absolutely – everything necessary to earn and enjoy such a high credibility that allows us to establish very long-term and very satisfactory relationships.

We distinguish ourselves by the delivery that we demonstrate all of us who collaborate here. We speak of a total, professional and unconditional delivery in order to overcome any standard or model that exists in the world.

Human Tlent

Since our inception we have the valuable participation of professionals in the area who contribute their experience gained over the years and numerous projects, enriching the quality of the projects for the benefit of our customers.